Drop Feed
  • Bowlcutgod has received Bandos chestplate from General graardor!
  • Lucy has received Twisted bow from Raids!
  • Ghillie has received Vesta's Longsword from Revenant Knight!
  • Dark reality has received Dark core pet from Corporeal beast!
  • Virgil has received Abyssal whip from Abysall demon!
  • Ghillie has received Vesta's skirt from Revenant demon!
  • Coco has received Elysian sigil from Corporeal beast!
  • Barney has received Magic fang from Zulrah!
  • Yak has received Vesta's Longsword from Revenant Knight!
  • Grey goose has received Ahrim pet from Ahrims!
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    Welcome to the official page of Icarus-ps! We are currently in BETA mode.. be sure to join the discord with the button above and join the movement! Release date is not known yet but will be announced soon. Still looking for staff members Join US NOW!! we will be giving away OSRS GP and many more things.. More information will be provided at a later stage.Icarus is back and better then ever, our development team have been working around the clock to bring this to you all, We are providing the community with the best mixture of Economy/PVM/PVP. Currently we have Flawless PVP and Wilderness Amazing Combat Switches Daily personal tasks Fully Working Inferno All slayer Pets Ironman | HCIM 25+ Bosses Achievements Raids & Revenant caves with the weapons

Server Status: BETA

All of our servers are currently online!

Game Service: online

Web Service: online

Donation Service: online


We're not better than anyone, but we certainly have a server!